Netflix original movie: THE BATTERED BASTARDS OF BASEBALL review

reviewed by DAD

In a word, “Entertaining.”  This Netflix documentary delves into the world of a independently owned minor league baseball team in Portland, Oregon in the mid 1970’s.  Interesting fact is that the team was owned by the father of actor Kurt Russell (Tombstone and Escape from New York), Bing Russell.  This documentary does a wonderful job of embodying the baseball spirit as it tells the tale of how the little guy took on Major League Baseball.  Great for any sports fan’s entertainment, but doesn’t cross over into general audience amusement.  B



Netflix original series: HOUSE OF CARDS

reviewed by DAD

In a word, “Superb.”  Great storytelling almost mirroring today’s political headlines! Excellent acting from the supremely talented Kevin Spacey only to be rivaled by the exquisite art of Robin Wright.  House of Cards has expertly designed locations, skillful directing, and SSSSOOOO much intrigue woven into its plot that it cannot help but be Netflix’s first MUST SEE series! Five seasons of this marvelous show make it a binge worthy retreat for anyone with a week to kill (pardon the pun).   A+