We are a family of four with individualized tastes, but many common interests.  We cut the cable years ago and really love our streaming entertainment.  Since Netflix and Amazon are the two most popular streaming sites with original programming, we are going to review the new shows as they come out and as they are appropriate for members of our family.  Not everyone will review every show and not every show will be reviewed.

Our members are:

Dad  – Former professional actor; current professional acting teacher since 1999 – MFA Theatre Performance; favorite contemporary shows or movies: Breaking Bad, Deadwood, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Sherlock, Training Day, The Shawshank RedemptionHouse of Cards (U.S.), and SinisterMy review style is quick and to the point.  If you are looking for plot summaries, I can’t help you.

Mom  – Former professional actor and dancer; current full time mother of three (including an infant) and part-time fitness instructor – BA in Dance; favorite all time shows or movies:Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV show), When Harry Met Sally, Doctor Who (2005-present), Empire Records, The Breakfast Club, and Fried Green Tomatoes. Mom will be hand picking which shows to talk about with a mix between shows she is interested in and shows for the little kids.

Son – grade school – favorite hobbies: video games, computers, golf, camping, and band; favorite all time shows or movies: Jurassic Park, The Flash, Survivor, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit.  Definitely the “thinker” of the family, his reviews will not be as common as the others but they will be honest.

Daughter – grade school – favorite hobbies: reading, choir, tumbling, manga, anime, and arts and crafts; favorite all time shows or movies: Sailor Moon, Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Captain America: Civil War, all Harry Potter, and Into the Woods. Opinionated and witty, our daughter has no problem letting anyone know what she thinks about a topic.

We will give it a gander and give it a grade from (A+) to (F-).  Unless otherwise noted, all series and movies will be watched in their entirety before the post is made.