Netflix original series: PEAKY BLINDERS

reviewed by DAD

In a word, “Bemused.”  This series should be one that I rave about.  Great acting (there isn’t much that Cillian Murphy does that I am not impressed with), awesome soundtrack, and wonderful set and costume designs.  There is plenty of action and story line to go around… and yet, I felt only mildly entertained.  Not sure what the problem is.  I guess the tale of a British organized crime gang doesn’t interest me that much. If I gave an ‘A” for effort, Peaky Blinders would get it hands down.  I really thought I would love this show.  Maybe my expectations were too high OR the quality of the product was a bit off.  B-



Netflix original movie: THE SIEGE OF JADOTVILLE review

reviewed by DAD

In a word, “Bland.”  I was hoping that a dramatized retelling of this true event would have more punch and swagger to it, but unfortunately it was pretty vanilla.  There are plenty of moments that are ripe with potential for action but they are left underdeveloped.  Predictably, the climax is anticlimactic which left me feeling disappointed, but only to a small degree since I never really got excited during the film anyway.  C-