Netflix original series: GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE

reviewed by MOM

I liked Gilmore Girls and binge watched all 7 seasons before I watched the new Netflix series just so I could get everything in order. While I loved the original series, I was let down by the new installment. The whole series was only 4 episodes and I felt like they wasted the 1st episode. There was not much of a plot and I felt like the whole story-line in that episode was just based around how many original characters they could get to make a cameo appearance. By the time it hit its stride again, it was ending with a cliffhanger. I’m hoping that the purpose of this is because they are going to do another season and this would give them a good set up for it. If they do another season of course I will watch, because good or bad it is after all Gilmore Girls.   C+


Netflix original series: LILYHAMMER

reviewed by DAD

In a word, “Bizarre.”  This series from Writer/Producer/Actor Steven Van Zandt (former actor on The Sopranos and rhythm guitarist for Bruce Springsteen) brings to Netflix a series about a Mafioso turned state’s witness that requests to be placed into witness protection in Lillehammer, Norway.  This fish-out-of-water tale has a few interesting moments but overall, Van Zandt comes off as stiff and rather unrealistic as the lead role in the show.  He should have bitten the bullet and given it over to someone more talented at acting.  It could be binge worthy for those who are desperate for entertainment while they wait for another show to start, but it ends up being just mediocre.   C


Netflix original series: DEREK SEASONS 1 – 3

reviewed by DAD

In a word, “Affecting.”  This series from creator Ricky Gervais is an intricate recipe of humor, silliness, drama, and just the right amount of sentimentality so that it doesn’t become sappy.  Gervais as the title character, weaves a definitive portrait of a human living his life with a disability while not coming off as a cheap caricature.  The supporting cast is ripe with talent and David Earl (Kev) nearly steals every scene he is in.  It will make you laugh out loud and weep quietly.  Highly enjoyable!!  A+


Netflix original series: MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 review

reviewed by SON

I loved this show! It is basically a show about 2 robots (Tom Servo and Crow) and a guy (Jonah Heston) saying funny comments about terrible movies. My dad told me that he used to watch an older version of the show back in college.  My favorite character probably has to be Crow because of his hilarious comments and the way that he changes his voice sometimes to make it funnier. My favorite episode by far is Cry Wilderness which cracked me up so much. Some jokes only adults would understand, but overall it’s a really good show.   A