Netflix original series: GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE

reviewed by MOM

I liked Gilmore Girls and binge watched all 7 seasons before I watched the new Netflix series just so I could get everything in order. While I loved the original series, I was let down by the new installment. The whole series was only 4 episodes and I felt like they wasted the 1st episode. There was not much of a plot and I felt like the whole story-line in that episode was just based around how many original characters they could get to make a cameo appearance. By the time it hit its stride again, it was ending with a cliffhanger. I’m hoping that the purpose of this is because they are going to do another season and this would give them a good set up for it. If they do another season of course I will watch, because good or bad it is after all Gilmore Girls.   C+


Netflix original series: LOVE SEASON 2 review

reviewed by MOM

I watched both seasons of Love so I could understand what was happening in the new season. From the trailer I thought I would enjoy it, but I hated the 1st season. I didn’t identify or empathize with any of the characters, or understand any of their choices. The 2nd season was better. There is more character development, more back story revealed, and more relationship development. I liked how they dealt with Gus and Mickey’s relationship in this season. Watching the struggles of the beginning of their relationship and how they dealt with long distance made them more relatable. While it’s still not my favorite, it is growing on me.   C+


Netflix original series: THE OA review

reviewed by MOM

I like definitive storytelling. It doesn’t have to be linear. It doesn’t have to be based in reality.  It can be fantasy or sci-fi, but it has to have a definite story. These are the characters, this is the obstacle they have to overcome and this is how they do it. I detest open ended stories where you are given details and then it is up to you to “interpret” what you think happened. NO!! To me that is just bad storytelling. You wasted my time and energy building up this whole convoluted story and then you leave it with, “You decide what it means”. UUGGHH!!! It makes me so mad and unsatisfied with a story that had potential to capture my attention and then drops everything in the end because they couldn’t figure out how to finish the story so it ends with you deciding. That is how I feel about The OA. It had potential. The characters were interesting, I was willing to accept the story, as convoluted as it was, and then it ended. Very disappointed.   D+


Amazon original series: BOOKABOO review #Bookaboo

reviewed by MOM

Bookaboo is a pleasant surprise to parents who are forced to watch the same kids show over and over again!  Bookaboo is a world famous, drum playing, rock puppy who tours the world with his band. The only problem is he needs “a story a day or he just can’t play”. Each episode features a different celebrity who has come backstage to read a different story to Bookaboo so he can get his “bojo” back and play. I love this show! It’s entertaining and revolves around a simple subject getting children to love to read. It’s a silly, fun, and enjoyable way to get parents and kids interacting with the stories they read.   A