Netflix original series: HEMLOCK GROVE

reviewed by DAD

In a word, “Convoluted.”  Imagine Twin Peaks and the Twilight series come together.  Add in the sex appeal of True Blood and you have Hemlock Grove.  No doubt this show has a cult following even though they are not making any more new seasons.  It is just strange enough to have fanatics.  But it seems as though the show’s creators were so concerned about not being predictable that they kept adding subplots and flash backs to keep the show fresh.  I tried to keep pace, but the flimsy story-line became too absurdly complicated and I lost interest.  There is certainly a niche audience for this show out there.  I, however, am not part of it.   D


Netflix original series: BLACK MIRROR SEASONS 1 – 3

reviewed by DAD

In a word, “Fickle.”  In a series that could be renamed Tales from the Tech-side, Black Mirror is the closest thing to a modern day Twilight Zone that you will find.  With underlying themes about the dangers and pitfalls of contemporary technology and social networks, Black Mirror has episodes that are hit and miss.  I find myself either really liking what I have just seen or really hating it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  With a show of this style, it would be better to be hot and cold, than always lukewarm.   B+


Netflix Original Series: A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS review

reviewed by DAUGHTER

A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS is astounding!  The characters are amazing and funny.  It starts off with the three Baudelaire children Violet, Klaus, and Sunny.  The Baudelaire children had witnessed something terrible.  So Mr. Poe placed them in the care of the evil Count Olaf, who tries to steal the Baudelaire fortune. It was great because of the amazing acting, the wonderful characters, and the unwinding mystery.  I would recommend it to people over seven years old. My favorite actor was Presley Smith who played Sunny Baudelaire.  She was funny and sassy.  I highly recommend it.  A+ #ASOUE

Amazon’s original series: JUST ADD MAGIC – season 2 – review

reviewed by DAUGHTER

Just Add Magic is a Amazon Prime series about three girls Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah. Three friends who find a magical cook book , and use it to solve problems, and fight evil doers! It’s a fun show about friendship and loyalty. My favorite character was Hannah. She was very sweet and kind. Personally I thought it was kind of weird because to me it would be better if it was just  a normal spell book and it would be a little bit like Little Witch Academia. But over all it was a good show.I recommend it for ages 7 and up.  B