Netflix original Series: ULTIMATE BEASTMASTER review

reviewed by SON

I thought Ultimate Beastmaster was exactly like the TV show American Ninja Warrior. It was the same except it has different countries competing and the course looks harder. I enjoyed watching them compete to see who wins.  I really liked American Ninja Warrior more.  If you like watching people run obstacle courses, this show is for you.  B-


Netflix original Series: TERRACE HOUSE: ALOHA STATE review

reviewed by MOM

I don’t watch reality shows. Survivor, Cupcake Wars, and So You Think You Can Dance are the extent of my reality TV, so what does a person who does not like reality TV do? Watch it in Japanese of course! At first I thought it was going to be like Big Brother, but it’s not. It is 6 strangers living together in a house, but they are not confined to the house. They work, go to school, follow their separate interests and socialize with each other. As they say at the beginning of each episode, they have been given a house and automobiles but there is no script. I will say that this is the closest thing to “reality” in a reality show I have seen because nothing outside of ordinary life happens. It is 6 people being polite and living civilly with each other which it is nice to know that there are people who can live together and be pleasant towards each other, but it doesn’t necessarily make the best television.   D