Netflix original series: BLACK MIRROR SEASONS 1 – 3

reviewed by DAD

In a word, “Fickle.”  In a series that could be renamed Tales from the Tech-side, Black Mirror is the closest thing to a modern day Twilight Zone that you will find.  With underlying themes about the dangers and pitfalls of contemporary technology and social networks, Black Mirror has episodes that are hit and miss.  I find myself either really liking what I have just seen or really hating it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  With a show of this style, it would be better to be hot and cold, than always lukewarm.   B+



Netflix original series: THE OA review

reviewed by MOM

I like definitive storytelling. It doesn’t have to be linear. It doesn’t have to be based in reality.  It can be fantasy or sci-fi, but it has to have a definite story. These are the characters, this is the obstacle they have to overcome and this is how they do it. I detest open ended stories where you are given details and then it is up to you to “interpret” what you think happened. NO!! To me that is just bad storytelling. You wasted my time and energy building up this whole convoluted story and then you leave it with, “You decide what it means”. UUGGHH!!! It makes me so mad and unsatisfied with a story that had potential to capture my attention and then drops everything in the end because they couldn’t figure out how to finish the story so it ends with you deciding. That is how I feel about The OA. It had potential. The characters were interesting, I was willing to accept the story, as convoluted as it was, and then it ended. Very disappointed.   D+


Netflix original Series: TRAVELERS review #TravelersNetflix

reviewed by MOM

I’m on a roll lately and I have found yet another show that has me hooked! The basic premise is that mankind is in trouble hundreds of years from now.  In this future they have figured out how to send consciousness back in time to the 21st century to try and save humanity. These consciousness’s end up in the body of people who were destined to die at the exact moment before their death and then they live out their “host’s” lives while completing missions to change the future. With each mission they complete they have no idea how it will change the future. It’s a little Back to the Future, a little Dr. Who, and a little Terminator 2. After the 1st episode I knew I had found my next cult show!   A+