Netflix original series: THE MR. PEABODY AND SHERMAN SHOW SEASONS 1 – 4

reviewed by SON

This show is funny and I enjoyed it. I think that it might be a little young older kids though, so I think kids 13 and younger will enjoy this show. Each episode is a different adventure, which makes it enjoyable. The characters are funny and will make you laugh. I hope kids enjoy this show because it is really good.  A-


Netflix original series: MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 review

reviewed by SON

I loved this show! It is basically a show about 2 robots (Tom Servo and Crow) and a guy (Jonah Heston) saying funny comments about terrible movies. My dad told me that he used to watch an older version of the show back in college.  My favorite character probably has to be Crow because of his hilarious comments and the way that he changes his voice sometimes to make it funnier. My favorite episode by far is Cry Wilderness which cracked me up so much. Some jokes only adults would understand, but overall it’s a really good show.   A

Netflix original series: BUDDY THUNDERSTRUCK review @ThunderstuckBud

reviewed by SON

Buddy Thuderstruck is a show about to lifelong friends who race in trucks. They have many new adventures every episode and make me laugh. The funniest character in my opinion was Deputy Hoisenberry, who always made me laugh a little. This show would be for kids 8 and up. Overall, this show is pretty good and I think people will enjoy this series. B