Netflix Original Series: PROJECT MC2 – season 3 review

reviewed by DAUGHTER

Project mc2 is a show about four girls Bry, Cam, Makaila, and Adri.  Who are spies who work for NOV8, and go on secret missions to stop the bad guys. My favorite character is Adrian Atoms, who does a lot with chemistry.  I thought they could have gone with something more unique other than just the spy-thing because I thought it was flat. I recommend it for ages 7 and up.  B-


Amazon’s original series: JUST ADD MAGIC – season 2 – review

reviewed by DAUGHTER

Just Add Magic is a Amazon Prime series about three girls Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah. Three friends who find a magical cook book , and use it to solve problems, and fight evil doers! It’s a fun show about friendship and loyalty. My favorite character was Hannah. She was very sweet and kind. Personally I thought it was kind of weird because to me it would be better if it was just  a normal spell book and it would be a little bit like Little Witch Academia. But over all it was a good show.I recommend it for ages 7 and up.  B

Netflix original movie: COIN HEIST review

reviewed by SON

I enjoyed this movie. It reminded me a lot of Ocean’s Eleven, but with kids as the robbers instead of adults. My favorite part was when they executed the plan of the heist. Some parts of the movie though… the sound quality was really low, which made things hard to understand. Overall, I thought this movie was really good and I recommend it to people who like funny thriller movies.  B+

Netflix Original Series: DEGRASSI: NEXT CLASS – Season 3 review

reviewed by MOM

Degrassi, the series, has always been known for being progressive and straightforward in dealing with current teenage issues and struggles and this new installment of the series is no different. That being said, I think the rating for this show (PG) is a little misleading considering that most kids movies today (Shrek, Frozen, Kung Fu Panda) are PG. The subject of sex is touched on (no pun intended) in some form or fashion in EVERY episode. Whether it is dealing with someone’s sexual identity or just a couple’s ability to have or talk about sex, it is one of the major issues the show deals with. The subjects are very grown up and mature in nature and it is not a show I would recommend for someone under 14. The soap opera style form of storytelling and overlapping story lines and subject matter would be more appealing to that teenage age group.   C+