Netflix original series: HEMLOCK GROVE

reviewed by DAD

In a word, “Convoluted.”  Imagine Twin Peaks and the Twilight series come together.  Add in the sex appeal of True Blood and you have Hemlock Grove.  No doubt this show has a cult following even though they are not making any more new seasons.  It is just strange enough to have fanatics.  But it seems as though the show’s creators were so concerned about not being predictable that they kept adding subplots and flash backs to keep the show fresh.  I tried to keep pace, but the flimsy story-line became too absurdly complicated and I lost interest.  There is certainly a niche audience for this show out there.  I, however, am not part of it.   D

Netflix original series: GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE

reviewed by MOM

I liked Gilmore Girls and binge watched all 7 seasons before I watched the new Netflix series just so I could get everything in order. While I loved the original series, I was let down by the new installment. The whole series was only 4 episodes and I felt like they wasted the 1st episode. There was not much of a plot and I felt like the whole story-line in that episode was just based around how many original characters they could get to make a cameo appearance. By the time it hit its stride again, it was ending with a cliffhanger. I’m hoping that the purpose of this is because they are going to do another season and this would give them a good set up for it. If they do another season of course I will watch, because good or bad it is after all Gilmore Girls.   C+

Netflix original series: HOME THE ADVENTURES OF TIP AND OH

reviewed by DAUGHTER

Home The Adventures of Tip and Oh is based off of the movie Home. Tip is a human, with her friend Oh who is an alien go on hilarious adventures across Boovsland where the aliens live.  My favorite character is Pig, the cat.  He is adorable.  A prankster gangster 😉 I recommend this show for kids 7 and up.  I give it A-

Netflix original series: LONGMIRE

reviewed by DAD

In a word, ‘Old-school.”  Longmire is the type of cop/detective show that reminds me of Walker: Texas Ranger, Magnum P.I., Colombo, and The Rockford Files.  That sort of one man against the world mentality. The tough guy with the heart of gold.  The grizzled hero with a checkered past and a lonely future.  Basically, scenarios I have seen before, except set in Wyoming.  If you like cop shows, you will enjoy Longmire.  The show’s final season is to stream on Netflix at some point this year.  Six seasons for any show is a pretty good run.  I can’t say that I thought it was anywhere near awful.  But it wasn’t exactly binge-worthy either.  If you take your time and watch an episode here and there, you can enjoy it without getting too burned out.  C+